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Norikura Star and Moon Restaurant Compatible accommodations

Norikura Kogen

Norikura Kogen program participation inn

There are various inns such as pensions, inns and inns at Norikura Kogen. The charm is that every inn has a "sense of security like home". After enjoying a delicious dinner and a relaxing moment with this program, you can relax comfortably at each Norikura inn.

  • Guesthouse thunder bird in hot spring hostel
    (Guest house Raicho)

    Hot spring resort operated as the only guest house at Norikura Kogen. You can enjoy nature and exquisite sulfur springs sufficiently slowly.

  • Yugori no Yado Alpohorn

    Relaxing with milky natural source wrapped in nature. Relax in a refreshing atmosphere in the Swiss Taste's hall

  • There was a hot spring inn, Misuzaso

    Natural hot spring with milky white sprinkling in total wood making can bathe for 24 hours, can be relaxed with both mentally and physically healed. It is also recommended to have an outdoor bath while watching the sky full of stars.

  • Alpine Mizushiro

    Clean, all-smoking-free · Free WiFi · Standing in the forest of a national park, guests gather from all over the world.

  • Pension Winds (Winds)

    A place where people can become healthy, that is the form of the original restaurant. People gather and "smile" through "food" is a nice pension.

  • Star Inn Pension Orange Peco

    The altitude at the foot of the Norikura dake is 1,500 m! It is a homely accommodation in a quiet little inn with excellent view.

  • B&B テンガロンハット

    A relaxing relaxing space in the hall where the fragrance of wood is gentle. I will pick you up with a smile with "Welcome back".

  • North Star Alpine Lodge

    North Star Alpine Lodge is an international lodge where guests gather from all over the world. We also have an outdoor school and we are preparing a space where you can spend your thought with even one night or long stay.

  • Pension no Norikura

    The motto of the inn has always been "a country house in Shinshu I went to a relative's house to play! You can relax and relax like that.

  • Hot Spring Minshuku Karamatso

    It is a milky hot spring and a cup of coffee with nor- omori 's ingredients, slowly relaxing and having a relaxing moment like returning home.

  • Pension Cams

    It is a pension next to the ski field of Norikura Kogen that you can enjoy every season. Please relax your tiredness slowly with delicious meals and hot springs. In the playroom, you can relax with table tennis and manga. I want to come back again! I am a "hospitality" aiming at an inn that you can think of.

  • Hot Spring Inn Aoba-so

    The milky white sprinkling sinking natural hot spring was renewed in 2014. Please heal the daily fatigue with an open-air bath with a scent of wood and an open-air bath that can enjoy the views of the seasons. Please come and join us with your family and friends.

  • Hotel Garni Rauriehof

    It is a small Swiss style hotel up to 3 pairs a day. You can enter the bath with a natural hot spring, with a source sprinkled over and a 24 hour charter. You can relax and enjoy your stay in the plateau.

Shirahone Onsen

Shirahone Onsen Program Participating Hostel

Shirahone hot spring is a spa spring indigenous hot spring, which is also said to have been "not catching a cold for 3 years if you put on the 3rd day" from ancient times. After enjoying a delicious dinner and a moment of relaxation with this program, you can refresh your body with relaxing hot water in each of the white squares.

  • Shirashinzo Shinya Ryokan

    The spiritual hot spring of bubbles that bubbles envelop the body as it is. It boasts a clean and rich amount of hot water. In addition to the 39 rooms, Western style rooms with Western beds, rooms with outdoor hot springs are also available.

  • Shirafune Grand Hotel

    All 54 accommodations that you can enjoy two kinds of sources with inner and hot open-air. You can choose from a wide variety of plans from two people to your family and group. Party cuisine including soy milk pot with sauce is also very popular.

  • White bones

    All 20 rooms. Even small flowers with hospitality highly appreciated from gentle feelings from pretty wild flowers living everywhere in the hall. Bathing open-air bath boasting a view with plenty of milky white water!

  • Bubbly hot water

    Spacious male and female mixed bathing outdoor bath can bathe for 24 hours (entrance is by gender). There are 24 rooms, a variety of plans are prepared according to the number of people and budget.

  • Yugamiya Ryokan of wig

    It is an inn that feels old-fashioned hot spring emotion. Eleven guest rooms, women's single trip, families with small children are well received. Exhibition of rare "Fountain Hill" in the premises.

  • Tsuruya Ryokan

    A rustic hospitality filled with quietness, irresistible to a natural hot spring lover. 28 rooms, breakfast 'hot spring porridge' prepares gastrointestinal tract and makes body warm.

  • View of Sansui Yukawa-so

    Three private charter open-air baths that are free for 24 hours and do not require reservation (guests only). Some rooms can see the mountain stream of Yukawa only at Shirahone hot springs, and you can enjoy a private moment.

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