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Alps mountain village EV tourism Norikura Star and Moon Restaurant

25,000 yen per person

(Charge fee · Shinshu premium beef sukiyaki dinner · drink fee · concierge service fee · insurance fee)
* Children under 12 years old can not participate in this program. Please note.

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Matsumoto City Norikura is a treasure trove of healing surrounded by rich nature.

If you listen carefully, in a place where the wind breezes, bugs' voices, babbling of the water are quietly heard,
This program which you can relax and enjoy the outdoor dinner using the ones of the earth.

By utilizing the power of electric cars, while staying in the middle of nature,
You can enjoy premium production using electricity and delicious dishes.

If it gets dark, the moonlight and the blink of the stars color the night sky and enjoy the moment of being washed as much as I want to see forever.

Why do not you try premium experiences naturally healed while facing nature?

Minimum number of people:
1 pair 2 people ~
Participation conditions:
Limited to those using accommodations in Norikura Kogen or Shirahone Onsen
25,000 yen per person

(Charge fee · Shinshu premium beef sukiyaki dinner · drink fee · concierge service fee · insurance fee)

  • * Children under 12 years old can not participate in this program. Please note.
  • ※ From the accommodation facility scheduled to be stayed to the venue, the responsible concierge will welcome you. Please enter the accommodation name you are planning from the reservation form.
  • * Payment of this program is only card payment. For details, please check the notes ahead of the "reserve" button.
  • ※ Drinks are included in the participation fee, but some items are also available that require card payment at the site. Please confirm the following notes for details.
Those who wish to participate by family or group! Information on charter special plan


17: 00
Your concierge will pick you up at your accommodation
Arrive at the venue
Please enjoy Shinshu premium beef tomato suki shabu hot pot dinner
Night sky viewing time
(If conditions are met, the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye)
(Planetarium appreciation in the tent at rainy weather)
A consultation concierge will send you to the dissolution and accommodation facilities


  • Shinju Premium Beef Sukiyaki Dinner
  • drink

Shinju Premium Beef Sukiyaki Dinner

In addition to the main Shinshu premium beef's tomato suki shabu pot, appetizers, deep-fried dishes and desserts are prepared. Suki Shabu Nabe uses plenty of tomato plenty, local fresh vegetables abundantly, is an original dish that you can enjoy the mellow texture of Shinshu Premium Cow and vegetables together. Please do not use eggs, please enjoy the taste as it is.

  • * The contents of the menu may be partially changed depending on the situation.
  • ※ We will serve meals by weight, for each serving.
  • ※ This menu includes dishes using buckwheat flour. Allergies etc consultation, please inform us at the time of reservation remarks column.
  • ※ The amount of Shinshu Premium Cow is 200 g per serving. Please note that you can not add on site.
  • ※ Those who would like to increase the meat by all means, please let us know at the time of reservation at the remarks column.

Menu supervision

Tomoko Hori

Tomoko Hori

Born in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. Dietician. In 2008 Shirokane Takanawa opened the restaurant "Lille" with anti-aging concept. We organized a menu based on the concept "food makes body," attracting attention as a new form of restaurant, active in various fields.
2010: Inaugurated as chairman of Chrysanthemum Co., Ltd.
2012: appointment of tourism ambassador of Kochi prefecture
September 2013: Establishment of Cooking Teacher Association
We will train professionals qualified for cooking instruction and nutritional guidance for the purpose of improving cooking skills of administrative dietician, dietician and medical professional.
"Le · Lille" opened in Sendagaya in 2015
Became a Visiting Professor at Nitobe Culture Junior College from April 2016

What is EV Tourism

Environment × food × experienceSurrounded by three Alps, Shinshu is a treasure trove of rich nature.
It is a hands-on program that allows you to enjoy nature while enjoying nature while enjoying a new model called electric car.


This program is limited to those who use accommodation facility of Norikura Kogen or Shirahone hot spring.
If you are not sure where you are staying or are considering participation, please check the corresponding accommodation facilities from the list.


  • This program is an optional program that enjoys outdoor dinner.
    Please arrange arrangements such as transfer to your accommodation or innkee by yourself.
  • Payment of this program is only card payment at the time of reservation.
    However, some drinks (Shinshu premium wine and sake etc.) will be settled on site. We do not accept payment in cash, so please be forewarned.
  • Reservations can be accepted up to 3 days prior to the scheduled date.
  • Please be sure to act according to the instructions of the concierge on that day.
  • This program is based on the concept of enjoying experiences in nature. Although you will enjoy your meal in the tent, there are situations where the approach to the tent and viewing of the night sky are outdoors, so in some cases the scaffolding is muddy or difficult to walk.
    Please come in easy-to-wear clothes on the day.
  • We will give first aid about accidents and injuries during the program, but please respond with your own insurance in the case of subsequent treatment expenses etc. Also, we can not charge claims other than insurance money that the organizer subscribes.
  • The cost of medical expenses such as accident / injury to accommodation facility or accident / injury in case of discontinuance will be borne by the individual.
  • Eggs are not used for Sukiyaki dinner of this program, but there are dishes using buckwheat flour. Allergies etc consultation, please inform us at the time of reservation remarks column.
  • Parents' consent is required to sign up under the age of 18 alone.
  • We are not accepting banks other than program participants.
  • Movement from the accommodation facility to the venue will be picked up by the responsible concierge of the day.
    Please refrain from coming to the venue with private car etc

Cancellation · Bad weather

  • Please note that transfer, transfer, substitute participation, refund of participation fee can not be made to another day program by non-participation by your own circumstances beforehand.
  • The program may be canceled due to natural disasters, bad weather, other accidents and other reasons. In that case, we will inform you by e-mail so far. In case of cancellation, we will inform you of either repayment by e-mail separately or participation transfer on another date.
  • Please understand beforehand that you can not refund the participation fee in case the contents are changed or canceled depending on the weather and circumstances during the program. In that case we will give you a discount coupon for you to use at next participation. For details please contact the concierge in charge of the day.
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