Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company

Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company
Shinshu 's culture rooted in mountain resources,
Taking advantage of the value of sleeping in the area,
With people living there,
We will foster a rich and happy future.

In the world where social problems such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the population decrease, the decline of the local industry, etc. are piled up,
Training tourism industry making full use of regional resources is attracting attention.

As the tourism industry grows, it is expected that local economic circulation, employment promotion,
It is thought that it will lead to solving various problems such as migration and settlement of residence ahead.

In Japan, which is said to be a stress society,
Shinshu 's "nature" leads to "healing" and "stress relief" for visitors
We focused on the possibility to offer high quality experiences.

Rich nature, not only in the beautiful landscape, but also enjoying with the senses every season,
It provides a moment that you can not experience in daily life.

There are nation-wide places rich in nature,
Surrounded by the Southern Alps, Central Alps, Northern Alps and three Alps,
Shinshu has lived with the mountains for a long time
You should be able to enjoy sightseeing experiences that enjoy nature, protect nature, and learn nature.

Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company, utilizing such nature of Shinshu,
Shinshu, heal, and develop a business that will lead to vitality for tomorrow.

Old things By "experiencing" the charm of the area rather than the sightseeing like Yuyama,
Expanding the exchange population, leading to the creation of new regional value in Shinshu
Realization of industrialization, creation of employment, connection to future migration and settlement,
We aim to nurture the future of Shinshu


Company name:
Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company
(English name: Shinshu MIRAI Creation Company Co., Ltd.)
松嶋 豪
21 million yen
Shareholder composition:
Stitch Co., Ltd.
Nagano Bank, Ltd.
Business summary:
Experience type tourism program business / business development · planning business
Kasumigaura MIRAI Creation Company

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